Eat for Local Food ProjectvegmixJOIN THE CO-OP TODAY! Joining the Co-op gives you the opportunity to support Our Local Food Movement by buying from local certified Organic Farms and smaller market home growers, during our Florida Fall, Winter & Spring growing seasons (we close for the HOT HOT summer). This also helps to stimulate our local economy by creating local sustainable jobs and keeping a greater local cash flow circulating, ultimately strengthening our community and overall well-being. We like to consider the Annual Co-op Membership Fee as an “Investment in Our Local Food Movement.”

BE A PART OF THE REVOLUTION…The most important thing you can do to support the Co-op is to order weekly, or as often as possible.  The local food we sell each week actually pays the farmers a paycheck that helps them pay their bills and allows them the opportunity to continue to grow food for us. The more food we buy together as a co-op each week helps to secure our local food sources. When we are not able to place large enough or reliable orders each week to the farms, it becomes an inconvenience to them instead of a benefit to work with us. At that point we lose a good local food source as they will find a more reliable buyer.  We hope that you can join the co-op today and Be a Part of the Revolution!

Think of your commitment to the Co-op as an investment in your Local Community and it’s Growing Local Food Movement! It is a small fee to pay in comparison to the great impact it is making.

IT’S EASY…..learn more by following the links below:

HOW DO I JOIN THE CO-OP? There are 2 EASY ways to join

1. Order two times through the Co-op’s Weekly Online Market at On your second order, the Annual Fee will be automatically added to your order. This option gives you the chance to check the Co-op out and gives you some time to decide if you’d like to join. Ready to join now? You can also place two orders the first time you order online and the fee will automatically be added to your second order. We will then have your Membership Card ready and waiting for you at pick-up with your order.

2. If you are sure you want to join and you would like to pay and get your Membership Card, but do not want to place a Co-op food order you can click the “Add to Cart” button below now and we will have your Membership Card ready and waiting for you at the Co-op’s NEXT pick-up.



  • Co-op Members receive priority at Co-op sponsored Special Events & Classes.
  • Co-op Members receive a 10% Discount when they eat at local restaurants that participate in the EAT for LOCAL FOOD PROJECT.