Co-op Veggies Make Best Spanakopita in Over 30 Years!

“I love this food! I have been making spanakopita (Greek spinach & cheese pie) for over 30 years and last week when I made it with the Co-op’s locally grown Organic Spinach and Scallions…it was the BEST I EVER MADE!” Exclaimed Co-op Member, Mayra Hartofilis at last week’s pick-up.
Co-op Member, Mayra Hartofilis
Marya (pictured above) has been a Co-op Member for almost a year and orders weekly. She enjoys cooking for her family and loves how FRESH the Co-op’s produce is. That’s no surprise as all our produce comes from small sustainable and/or Organic farms within 75 miles of Dunedin. It is harvested the day of or the day before Co-op pick-up so it has much more flavor and more vitamins than grocery store bought foods.

Every time one of our Co-op Members place an order it directly supports the farmers they buy from. We have created a true local food economy and as it is still in it’s infancy stages. We hope you can find a way to support the Co-op and our local Organic Farmers as often as you can.


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PICK-UP/DELIVERY THURSDAY 5 to 7PM (at Pick-up Location)

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