Co-op Manager Seeks Housing & Garden Space

garden-shed-x copyDear friends, co-op members and friendly community angels, for me it’s time to start a new chapter….. I am actively seeking  a new place to call home. My current landlord at Cat Creek Gardens is very ill and her family will be taking over my apartment to move in with her.  I need to be moved into a new place by April 1, 2015. We may have access to the gardens the next few months, but then we will need to find a new garden space. We have been growing here for the past few years, so this is a great loss to the co-op.
Please let me know if you have or know of a place that might be available. I am open to the universe and it’s suggestions……anything from a converted garage cottage, mother-in-law apartment or small house would be ideal. The more affordably priced the better as I have limited income at this time. Not a requirement, but it would be ideal to find a space that included tool storage space and garden space.
In addition to housing I am also looking for a larger piece of land to farm in the local area. An ideal plot would be a FULL SUN no less than a half acre space, but the larger the better. We are looking to start immediately for preparing the land for food production next fall. Starting new land for food production takes a lot of time and energy so please keep your eyes and ears open to help us find a place as quick as possible.
Right now is the busiest time of our growing season….especially when the blueberry harvest starts here soon. It will be a difficult task for me to keep attention on growing more food, running the co-op weekly and moving during the next six to eight weeks. However I am bound and determined to do so. If you have leads or think you can help please let me know at
Love & Light,
Bree Cheatham