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Immunity Boosting Ginger Turmeric Tea Recipe


This Week’s Featured Veggies are GINGER & TURMERIC.
Top reasons I love them…

  1. They taste absolutely amazing.
  2. Can be prepared in various ways.
  3. They have impressive benefits include eliminating inflammation, increasing cognition, preventing cancer, strengthening the immune system, and easing gastrointestinal distress. It also aids in protecting the heart, regulates diabetes, soothes pain, counters depression, and improves the skin quality.

This season, give yourself a healthy boost! As the cool weather sets in and the seasons change, our immune systems start to decrease and viruses and other flu bugs start to become more common around us. This season give your body a boost with some Ginger Turmeric Tea or simply chop them up and add them to your meals!

Both ginger and turmeric are underground roots that grow very well here in our subtropical climate. We are lucky to be able to receive such fresh roots from our local region. This season Little Pond Farm in Bushnell, FL is currently offering us their freshly harvested roots and I encourage you to try them and even make them part of your regular diet when they are in season. Eating fresh seasonally harvested foods grown close to the region you live in is one of the best ways to boost your immune system and stay healthy.

Turmeric ginger tea boasts a number of antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic qualities that make it an excellent immune system aid. If you suffer from weak immunity and seem to come down with a cold all the time, this herbal tea may be your solution. Furthermore, for a cough, colds, and congestion, a combination of these powerful ingredients helps to speed healing and eliminate the underlying infections.

1 cup of water (filtered)
1 teaspoon of grated ginger
1 teaspoon of grated turmeric
1 teaspoon of honey or lemon juice
1 teaspoon of black pepper

Step 1 – Bring the water to a boil in a saucepan or stainless steel pot.
Step 2 – Add the turmeric and ginger, and then bring the heat down to a simmer.
Step 3 – Allow the mixture to steep for 10-15 minutes.
Step 4 – Strain the tea into a teapot.
Step 5 – Add the black pepper, lemon juice, and honey, and enjoy the beverage!

How Often Can You Drink Turmeric Ginger Tea?
This tea is extremely powerful, so drinking one cup of this potent brew each day is enough to enjoy the health benefits outlined above. Consuming more than this is not only dangerous, but it does increase the risk of certain side effects.

Side Effects Of Turmeric Ginger Tea
The side effects of turmeric ginger tea are largely the result of excess consumption and include gastrointestinal problems. Also, they can occur as a result of drug interactions, complications with pregnancy, individual allergies, and excessive consumption of the tea, which is not recommended. To learn more about specific possible side effects follow this link:

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Eat Healthy, Move Often and Be Happy ☺
Love & Light,

Bree Cheatham
Dunedin Harvest Co-op Founder


Pattypan Squash Burger Recipe

This week’s featured veggie is one my all time favorites, the PATTYPAN SQUASH.
Top reasons I love them…

  1. They taste absolutely amazing.
  2. Can be prepared in various ways.
  3. Shape and colors are so stunning they offer a beautiful display when served.

The Pattypan is a summer squash variety that has a unique and hearty flavor and a short, round, disc-like shape. Their colors range from white, to various colors of yellow and green and many have beautiful variegated patterns as well. They’re also called scallop squash because of their scalloped edges. Pattypans can be as small as an inch in diameter (often sold as “baby” pattypan) and grow up to a few inches across, which are great for stuffing or slicing thick and grilling or pan-frying for vegan or veggie Pattypan burgers.

Bree’s Favorite Recipe… SIMPLE PATTYPAN BURGER
The first time I tried Pattypan cooked as a burger was many, many years ago at Sweetwater Organic Farm in Tampa. Sweetwater was the first certified organic farm to work with Dunedin Harvest Co-op. On days I would pick up there, sometimes the farm crew had time to eat together and even cook. They would often share their meals if they had abundance. On this particular cool and refreshing fall day I was in for a great surprise. One of the field farmers had sliced the pattypan squash in thick half inch slices and cooked them on the open grill using a small amount of olive oil, salt and pepper. He had just the squash and some hamburger buns. He piled two thick very well cooked slices onto the toasted bun and handed it to me in a paper towel….it was one of the most wonderful things I have ever tasted. Simple, yet so juicy and full of flavor.

To me, the pattypan actually tastes different depending on how you slice it. I find that to be the case with many veggies…and I love to experiment. I have both pan-fried and grill cooked the thick sliced pattypan and both have always turned out wonderfully. For me, I find the trick is to cook the inside very well so that the flavor and natural juices release for you.

Brioche Buns (or your favorite choice)
Pattypan Squash (Large and cut in thick ½ inch slices)
Oil of your choice (Olive, Safflower, Sunflower, Grape Seed, even Butter or Ghee)
Salt (too taste)
Pepper (to taste)

Slice squash and rub a small amount of oil on the squash and salt and pepper to taste. Grill or pan fry squash until golden brown on the outside and soft and fully cooked throughout the inside. Lightly toast the bun, serve and top-dress as you like!

Since that first tasting I have since prepared the pattypan in numerous ways, all of which have been a delight. I encourage you to do so too. Here are a few other ways you might enjoy cooking the Pattypan.

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Eat Healthy, Move Often and Be Happy 🙂
Love & Light,