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“I love this food! I have been making spanakopita (Greek spinach & cheese pie) for over 30 years and last week when I made it with the Co-op’s locally grown Organic Spinach and Scallions…it was the BEST I EVER MADE!” Exclaimed Co-op Member, Mayra Hartofilis at last week’s pick-up.
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Marya (pictured above) has been a Co-op Member for almost a year and orders weekly. She enjoys cooking for her family and loves how FRESH the Co-op’s produce is. That’s no surprise as all our produce comes from small sustainable and/or Organic farms within 75 miles of Dunedin. It is harvested the day of or the day before Co-op pick-up so it has much more flavor and more vitamins than grocery store bought foods.

Every time one of our Co-op Members place an order it directly supports the farmers they buy from. We have created a true local food economy and as it is still in it’s infancy stages. We hope you can find a way to support the Co-op and our local Organic Farmers as often as you can.

SHOP THE CO-OP now at can you buy topamax over the counter in australia

Co-op Weekly Schedule
OPENS MONDAY As early as we can (where can i order topamax)
CLOSES TUESDAY 9PM (where can i order topamax)
PICK-UP/DELIVERY THURSDAY 5 to 7PM (at Pick-up Location)

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We are excited to have Jessica’s Organic Farm join the Co-op this season!

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Jessica’s Organic Farm, Sarasota FL – One of the original organic Florida growers!

This week they offer the Co-op:
*ROMAINE LETTUCE – $3.00 (BIG Heads)
*COLLARDS – $3.00 (bunch)
*LACINATO KALE – $3.00 (bunch)
*SPINACH – $3.50 (bunch)

Jessica’s Organic Farm has been growing a sustainable Sarasota through organic agriculture since 1979. We are one of the original organic growers in Florida. The food sold at Jessica’s is 100% Certified Organic. There are no genetically modified organisms, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers in our organic produce.

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8 Local Restaurants Band Together to Support Local Food

Dunedin, FL Jan 5, 2015 – Eight Local restaurants band together to support the growth of our local food movement by offering a NEW 10% DISCOUNT PROGRAM to Dunedin Harvest Co-op Members. Local restaurant owners understand the importance of supporting the growth of more local and organic foods in our community and they have joined forces with Dunedin Harvest Food & Garden Co-op to help take our local food movement to the next level. Now more people than ever before will be able to support the Co-op, just by becoming a member and eating at their favorite restaurants! “We are more than excited! For years, many of these restaurants have been supporting the Co-op in various ways, and now with our new EAT for LOCAL FOOD – 10% Discount Program it’s going to take us to a whole new level.” commented Co-op founder, Bree Cheatham “We are very thankful to have this opportunity and to be surrounded by such a supportive community. We are hoping more restaurants and New Co-op Members will join us!”

It’s Easy, you can receive 10% OFF when you dine out at participating restaurants!
To Become a Co-op Member sign up online at buy topamax uk

•  Broadway Deli & Cafe -More than a Deli, Dunedin
•  Casa Tina’s – Fresh Healthy Mexican, Dunedin
•  Consciousness Blossoms – Pure Food. Pure Satifaction, Palm Harbor
•  Kelly’s Chic-A-Boom – For Just About Anything, Dunedin
•  Ohana Cafe – Healthy Fare with an Island Flair, Ozona
•  Pan y Vino – Gourmet Pizza & Wine Bar, Dunedin
•  Serendipity Cafe – Where Healthy Meets Delicious, Dunedin
•  The Dunedin Smokehouse – Bar B-Q Joint & Sports Bar, Dunedin

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The Dunedin Harvest Co-op offers fresh seasonal local & Organic Veggies, Fruit, Grass-Fed Meats, Eggs, Milk, Honey, Plants and much more. The Co-op is a cooperative of home gardeners and local and Organic farms that sell their food online at can you buy topamax over the counter in australia. Co-op members order online each week when the Co-op is open Monday and Tuesdays. Orders are either delivered or picked-up on the following Thursday between 5 to 7pm at the Co-op pick-up location (address & directions available online). Co-op Members currently pay an annual fee of $35 to have access to order online, receive the EAT for LOCAL FOOD PROJECT 10% Discount and receive priority when the Co-op holds classes and special events.

Local food is seasonal and has its booms and busts, likewise the Co-op has its ups and downs too. Each season and every year the Co-op grows a little bigger and stronger, receiving access to more and more local food such as Blueberries, Peaches, Watermelons and even Grass-Fed Meats. However, in past years the Co-op has had to completely shut down for the hot summer months as it is hard to find local summer farmers here due to the excessive heat. “Re-opening in the Fall is a challenge for us when we haven’t had any funds to support the Co-op all summer. “The NEW 10% Discount Program is revolutionary in terms of offering our Co-op members a wonderful benefit every day of the year, especially during times when we are not able to open the Co-op Market,” remarks Bree Cheatham “the Eat for Local Food Project is designed to help us increase our membership funds over our slow months while giving a greater benefit to our members and securing funds so we can continue to grow as a local food Co-op, including the possibility of acquiring land to start an urban farm/educational center and small Co-op storefront. That way we can support our local farmers when they need it most. It’s a Win Win Win solution!”

CO-OP HISTORY – Established in the summer of 2009, founder Bree Cheatham started the Dunedin Harvest Food & Garden Co-op delivering Local Honey, Eggs and Organic Veggies to Dunedin locals. Bree started growing as much food as she could at her residential home by digging up her front and backyard and making them into thriving garden beds. Soon she contacted other small home growers and Organic farms and has been growing the Co-op ever since.

# # #

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Even when the Co-op is closed we continued to work, work, work growing food and setting up infrastructure to be more efficient with the ultimate goal being more local organic food production grown just for the Co-op in the near future. Yet with the fall/winter sun dropping quickly we are concerned the lack of sunshine in this New field might negatively effect some of the fruiting crops in this field (we are behind due to the excessively heavy Sept rain).

However we have high hopes and know that by taking things week by week and having faith in all good things…eventually we will have an abundance….stay in tune with the Co-op and when we open please support us and buy what you can!buy cheap topamax
Photo of Joe’s Creek Garden in St. Petersburg FL